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The Eagle Microhome

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This article appeared in the Vancouver Sun on June 5, 2014. There were many comments about the strength of the Murch-Tech homes. The following information provides a little more detail, and provides a link to a test done in Japan with a wooden building - our Composite Steel Technology would be that much stronger.

See link below for the eathquake test done in Japan using the same standards - but with wood. The Hummingbird uses tubular steel embedded within it's structure making it even stronger.

Structural standards: 14 gauge galvanized steel screws heat treated 3/16 #10
ASTM class 59 heat treated carbon steel screws.

It takes 3,000 lb to pull apart 14 gauge our steel. Our average house and base bottom, has over 200 such screws.

Plus non toxic adheisve sealant in all panel connects, which gives us a stong thermathetic wall system.

Simpson Strong Tie standard (earthquake test)
It applies to roof, base, walls and floors.