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The Eagle Microhome

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Composite Steel Technology


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CST (Composite Steel Technology)
is used for prefabricated panels, providing amazing strength and durability. The first globally patented steel composite profiled wall. The CST method is fast, inexpensive, is global thermal and saves billions in fossil fuel. It has long-term results and long-lasting global benefits to mankind. Because of its lightweight, but steel strength, it can be used to create a multitude of buidlings; ranging from low-rise self sustained units to high-rise steel constructed towers.

Whether you need an office space, a vacation home, or would like to generate rental income, each Murch-Tech pre-designed Home has been architecturally designed with a strict budget and the environment in mind – it’s less than half the cost of wood frame houses (and trees are saved). It’s the first global all ‘Green House’.  Each home offers the best in modern aesthetics and functionality, with the ability to be quickly and easily constructed. No concrete slab, no cut and fill on site, less cleanup and most importantly, minimum interruption to the homeowner or tenants.